Black Ditch Webcam

Working in conjunction with the Environment Agency, the Parish Council Emergency Committee has arranged for the installation of a webcam at the Black Ditch culvert entrance at the bottom of Weaver’s Hill to allow easier monitoring of water levels in the culvert.

Following a period of testing, the webcam is now live and can be accessed by clicking on the link below (which takes you to an external website operated by the Meteor Data Centre) and following the instructions:

Please note that the system is designed for a maximum of ten concurrent users, so if you receive an error message when trying to access the webcam, please try again after a few minutes.

The webcam is monitored daily by both the Environment Agency and the Parish Office. If the water level in the culvert rises to 6 or above on the scale visible on the rear wall, the Environment Agency and the Parish Council will take action accordingly.

Debris caught by the grille over the culvert entrance is cleared regularly by the Environment Agency.